Breathless adventure

Day 1

Long after sun-down on the first day, we broke our ride and made camp. Thighs heavy, relieved to make such good distance on smooth roads, yet somehow unfulfilled at stopping just short of the border. Can’t imagine how many calories the day had cost us, but knowing we’d stayed warm and kept moving despite the bite of January in northern European meant that inside, we knew this would work.

The nite was still, the stars shining just for us. The thermometer sub-zero, and we wouldn’t see another human being for hours. Perfect.

Day 2

Let’s go. Fingers, toes, nose – all working. Back in the saddle with a stretch and a smile. Smile becomes grin as we enter Germany, and the hills loom ahead. 30km to Willingen… we got this.

Asphalt turns to gravel; tracks brushed with snow. Nerves. Gradients rise, cadence up, speed down, hearts racing. Conversation stops, we don’t need it. I’ll use every gear – I don’t care. We’ve done it.