Wet Weather and Weekend Warriors
with Miranda Miller

There’s no way around it. When bad weather interrupts your adventure, the only way to get past it is to keep pedaling. But of course, proper preparation can play a large role in the impact rain has on your ride. Just ask MTB athlete Miranda Miller, who we recently caught up with to chat about her approach to making the most of soggy days on the saddle—and how her relationship with wet weather has evolved as she’s transitioned from weekend warrior to full-time pro. 


What’s your relationship with bad weather?

I’m a believer in bad weather. People are like, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.” I grew up in 100 inches of annual rainfall. Yeah, there’s bad weather.
My relationship with bad weather has morphed and changed as my status as an athlete and a rider has morphed and changed. When I was a weekend warrior, there wasn’t the luxury of a weather window. Then as a full-time athlete, there’s almost too much luxury. Now I’m kind of floating in between. I remember that the best rides were those as a weekend warrior, bad weather and all.  



How do you prepare for a rainy ride?

If I can keep my hands and feet warm and dry, riding in the rain, or just after, is pretty good and sometimes I forget that. I try to layer correctly – more on my core than arms, merino socks, waterproof shoes and warm gloves. I like to have either a bag or bottle of just water, no drink mix, so I can clean my glasses throughout the ride. Keep the snacks handy, it’s less tempting to eat when it’s cold but just as important. 


How do you deal with wet riding lines?

I’m lucky that in Squamish the conditions are best in the wet – the dirt is perfect and although the roots are slippery, there is always traction to be found in the dirt. Our rock is granite and while it should be respected, unlike east coast rock, there’s no need to fear it. It teaches you when and how to brake, and how to gain traction from your bike and body. Squamish is a temperate rainforest that looks and feels the best after a good rainfall. 


Words — Miranda Miller
Photo — @graeme.meiklejohn