How to get the best from BOA®

We choose the micro-adjustable BOA® Fit System on a number of our high performance shoes, across the Road, Triathlon and Off-road ranges, because, when combined with fizik’s unique construction designs, proprietary technologies and selection of materials, they help provide every rider with a fast, effortless, precise fit.

For all these shoes we specify the lightweight and lower tension L-Series IP1 BOA® dial. L-Series is designed for low-cut footwear to deliver meticulous adjustment, comfort, and adaptability – which of course, is what high performance cyclists demand.

The BOA® L-Series system is effectively three parts: the micro-adjustable dial, the strong, lightweight laces and the low-friction lace guides. Our Infinito models employ a longer lace loop in the Volume Control system which allows a differentiated fit adjustment for the instep and forefoot areas.

Quick, one-handed adjustment of the BOA® L-Series IP1 couldn’t be simpler. The soft, hexagonal dial has a subtle knurled finish and slightly pliable rubber so it’s easy to grip between thumb and forefinger, whatever the conditions.

To tighten you simply push the dial in – it engages with a reassuring click. Turn clockwise to tighten, click by click. The careful routing of the lace pulls the shoe’s upper closer to your foot.  Turn the dial anti-clockwise to loosen. For quick release, just pull the dial out, freeing up the locking system.

That perfect, close fit for every foot shape delivers high power-transfer performance, no pinch-points and all-day comfort, whatever your riding discipline.