Following a spring and summer without pro cycling, we launched the RE-START campaign at the beginning of August and the excitement has been non-stop leading up to the Giro d’Italia. With a condensed racing calendar filling the streets across Europe and screens around the globe, the 2020 season may have come late, but it arrived with gusto, and there is still much more to come.

And as the sport returned, we eagerly tuned in to see how the pros would handle such an unprecedented competitive situation. Which made us wonder: what other Re-starts do pro cyclists face? And, when faced with change, how do the leaders of the peloton stay on top?


To find out, we asked Geraint Thomas from Team Ineos Grenadiers, who is lining up for the Giro today, to share his stories. We also asked for his thoughts on racing in the upcoming Giro, held for the first time in October, with weather certain to play a factor as riders battle it out in cooling conditions in a fight for the Maglia Rosa.

To hear what Tour champion G had to say, click on the video and join us after in Italy as we RE-START the Corsa Rosa together.